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Auto Silo EPS Beads Storage

The semi-automatic curing silo is still cumbersome when manual switching, and the lack of material can’t be adjusted automatically in time when the equipment is produced. Therefore, a fully automatic centralized feeding system equipment is produced, which makes the silo area unattended production mode and guarantees the raw material curing time. First, first use advanced management production mode, making production controllable, safe and reliable.

Auto Silo EPS Beads Storage
Auto Silo EPS Beads Storage
Auto Silo EPS Beads Storage


  • Save labor costs and raw material costs, and the service life is more than 10 years.
  • Centralized management of raw materials to avoid waste and pollution.




  • Keep the factory environment clean and maintain the environmental system.
  • It is beneficial to maintain stable quality, increase production value and maintain quality system.




  • Using PLC and large size 10.4 inch color human-machine interface touch panel, easy to understand, good operation.
  • Color display various settings, operation and operating conditions.




  • Add raw material control screens to monitor various abnormalities in raw materials, suction materials, material shortages and central host used in each molding machine.




  • With safety relief valve, when the main engine movement pressure is too large, the safety set value is overloaded, and the pressure relief valve is fully depressurized to protect the motor.



  • The feeding main machine has two A and B alternates, and there is an automatic switching valve design to ensure the stability of raw material transportation.




Delivery time:10~20 days after receipt of down payment.
Packaging: Wrapped by bubble plastic, outer package Wooden Box/Carton




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