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Air Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine

The polystyrene foam board is made of pellets containing a volatile liquid foaming agent and expandable polystyrene. It has the characteristics of light weight, good heat insulation, excellent sound insulation and strong low temperature resistance. It also has certain advantages of elasticity, low water absorption and easy processing. Because the EPS board has the first excellent thermal insulation performance, and is light in weight, easy to cut, easy to paste, it is widely used in energy-saving buildings. The Foam Air Cooling Block Molding Machine is CE certification and quipped with new type air cooling system without condenser to achieve the possibility to produce dry and lower internal tensioned blocks.

Air Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine
Air Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine






  • Touch Screen has operator friendly functions, showing the process operations with simulation.
  • Production data can be stored as recipe on the panel or can be transferred, loaded any time needed.
  • Anyone can opera after learning a little, saving manpower.





  • Equipped with an electronic scale
  • The machine is able to measure the weight of the blocks which comes out from the block mold
  • Ensure that the size of the product meets the requirements




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