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Service Advantages

<1 hour fast response of any customer’s needs,25 years specilization in EPS machinery Professional & commit concern

R & D strength

1.25 years specilization in EPS machinery;
2.Technical oriented team, research investment >30% ,The only supplier focus on quality and service of EPS machine in Hangzhou city.
3.Globally 200 customers in 50 countries export, customers’ satisfaction > 98%
4.Large capacity & Short delivery time
5. The customer is always the first: we are sure any of your inquiry will get our prompt attention.

Company introduction


Original designdrawings


Provide quotation


Provide technical drawings


Production equipment


On-time delivery


Perfect after-sales service


Why we choose you?

Because we are special, we love our EPS business career, we are a crazy crew who love research, love work, and often work until late night in order to make our machines more outstanding and in a higher quality.
We did often conduct repeated experiments and explorations.
Even through the work is very hard, they do not feel tired at all because we do what we love.

How do you clarify your machines are easy & reliable.

We have a specialized technical team which connects with our R&D dept closely and timely.
Thanks to our well-organized team culture, there have been massive and aggressive improvements done already which practical benefit both customers and us very well.

Do you have quality control.

Yes, we have QC team strictly inspect during whole production process and make test job before shipment.

How to control quality?

A: All the raw materials by IQC (Incoming Quality Control)before launch whole process into the process after the screening.
B: Process each link in the process of IPQC (Input process quality control)patrol inspection to check drawings reasonable and workable.
C: After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging.
D: OQC before shipment for each auto part to do full inspection.
E: Re-check before packing.

We will take photos and videos of the process of strictly inspecting materials, semi-finished products and finished products and send them to our customers weekly.

What is advantage of your machines?

High end performance with reasonable price.
Most advanced technology adopted:
Intelligent management - Smart solution provider.
Powerful hydraulic 250~300mm/S.

Care details for a longer efficient service life.
Training, development and workshops on the production steps in EPS and EPP processing and on system operation.

May no EPS experience partner can workable with your company’s efforts?

Absolutely sure, we are complete solution provider from A to Z.
We will not only provide you excellent machines, installation and training, but also help clients to get a lower running cost.
Besides, by our supper online intelligent management our knowledge how to do better in a less consumption is timely shared with our valuable customers. Even non experience operator they will commission a best running condition which is: Low pressure steaming, high temperature de-mold at 90 degree, etc.

How to insure your machine reliable performance and lower running cost.

Excellent anti-rust treatment by Zinc treatment.
Perfect steaming in a Minimum cost - LVDT PERFECT STEAMING.
LVDT steaming monitor system consumption only 4~6kg per steaming each raw material.
Use world famous brand, ensure high and stable quality, PLC&Touch --- Simens. Cabinet electrical --- Japan & France Schneider
Valves from Germany or our certificated top quality.
Zinc treatment anti rust job.

What is warranty for machines?

2 years warranty for free, lifetime service.

What is your service?

EPSOLE takes responsibility and give solutions. From delivery to technical support, you will always enjoy intimate service.
Machine installation
Support during commissioning
Training, development and workshops on the production steps in EPS and EPP processing and no system operation.
Quick part identification by remote diagnosis and delivery.
Custom spare parts sets
Service agreements
Machine inspection
Maintenance visits and custom maintenance programs.

How you will settle if our machine has a emergency stop problem.

We always firmly believe no need service is a best service for our customer, in case you had a emergency stop.
We self develop intelligent management by central online control system.
Fault finding and trouble shooting.

Are you factory or trading company?

We are a manufacturer specialized in EPS & EPP & ETPU auto shape molding machine and accessories. We also a company specializing in the international trade of EPS raw material, EPS & EPP machinery spare parts and PPGI & PPGL coil. We had 15 years already located in Hangzhou of China.

How about your delivery time?

Generally, it will take 20 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

How about your price?

Factory direct sale price. not cheapest price but lowest in the same quality.

Can we order special size, color or voltage of auto EPS foam cutting machine?

Yes, size, color and voltage of machine can be customized.

What is expanded polystyrene (EPS)?

Expanded polystyrene is an organic material manufactured from crude oil by-products. The manufacturing process consists of the expansion of polystyrene beads in a mould, which contains an expanding agent, pentane. When submitted to water vapour, the beads expand until they completely fill the mould. During the expansion process, the expanding agent dissipates and air is introduced to the cell structure. The final product is a rigid insulation comprised of a closed cell structure consisting of 98% air. 

Where can expanded polystyrene be used?

Expanded polystyrene, commonly known as EPS, made its mark as an insulation material in the 1950s. The variety of mould shapes and the possibility of producing at different densities has allowed the expanded polystyrene industry to meet almost any need for insulation, packaging and manufactured product components. 

Why use expanded polystyrene?

Expanded polystyrene demonstrates the properties of stability, durability and moisture resistance. Its low price, versatility, easy installation and insulation value/price ratio make it an insulation of choice for architects, estimators and contractors.

Is expanded polystyrene dangerous for the environment? 

Expanded polystyrene emits no ozone-damaging gas. This material is recyclable and reusable and retains its insulating value over the long term. To learn more, check out the Environment section.