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Automatic EPS Making Machine

This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-closing mould, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demoulding and releasing.

Automatic EPS Making Machine
Automatic EPS Making Machine
Automatic EPS Making Machine
Automatic EPS Making Machine


The construction technology of A-class fireproof EPS insulation board is the same as that of traditional EPS board thin plastering external wall external insulation system.



This machine applies hydraulic station centralized control, hydraulic single door top of hydraulic release and automatic locking mechanism, so that the device can withstand products expansion force, and smooth operation.The machine adopts PLC and touch screen for automatic mould opening, mould closing, material filling, steaming, temperature keeping, air cooling, demoulding and ejecting.




The construction technology is mature, convenient for workers to construct, safe and reliable, and there will be no other new material system instability defects.



EPS foam board, and the cost is low. The price is far lower than that of the class a flame retardant thermal insulation material on the market. It has the effect of class a flame retardancy at the price of ordinary materials, and the price ratio is superior, and the market prospect is broad.





The process is assembling the foam patterns which has same size and shape with casting into cluster, after coating and drying, embedded into the dry sand and compacted by vibration table, the pouring under negative pressure to decompose the pattern, after solidification – the casting is formed. 




Most of the main components are of world-famous brand,with reliable performance,stable quality,long service life and low maintenance cost.




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