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EPS Fish Box Mould

Epsole designs & supplies professional moulds with an annual output of around 1000 sets. We adopt CRM and other design software to design and manufacture plastic moulds. All moulds are made by -quality aluminum alloy with Telfon coating, assembled by standard frames and cooling system, which achieves conventient de-moulding, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistence and long life. We are capable of manufacturing highly customized moulds in accordance with clients' varieties of machines. Vegetable and Fruit Box Mould could be used for the manufacture of vegetable and fruit box.

EPS Fish Box Mould
EPS Fish Box Mould
EPS Fish Box Mould
EPS Fish Box Mould
EPS Fish Box Mould

01Energy Saving

Vacuum sealing modeling is a method of physical 

modeling, in casting all kinds of modeling method, 

called third-generation modeling method.




EPS Fish Box Mould

It is the use of plastic film sealed casting box, and 

rely on the vacuum pumping take the model air out, 

causing the pressure difference inside and outside of 

the mold, so dry sand compaction to form a cavity 

required for the physical modeling method.




Therefore, the vacuum seal forms, also named 

“negative shapes” or “decompression model.” 

In English named Vacuum, and the simple 

method known as “V”.






EPS Fish Box Mould

Improve the quality of castings. Smooth surface, contours clear, accurate size. High hardness and  uniformity of the mold pull out the mould easily.

Simplify the equipment, saving investment, reduce  the maintenance cost. Save of the adhesives,  accessories and mixer sand equipment.




Wooden Mould – Core Mould Preforming

Casting – V Casting with Vacuum

Processing – CNC Processing and QC

Assembling – Preinstall and Installation

Inspection – Before Leaving the Factory





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