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EPS Foam Packing Machine

The foam molding machine system adopts multiple heating methods, adopts the solid and moving mould balancing valve system, controls the instrument and controls the valve parts to complete the circulation, and further saves the steam of the machine. The unstable factors of product quality caused by unstable steam source are solved and the quality is greatly improved. The steam and cooling water valves adopt imported components. The operation is safe and the performance is stable. One person can operate 2-3 machines in the foam molding machine. The use of an additional device on a rotary table (EPS foam foam cutting machine) is generally used for profiling processing, and also for cutting out rotations, including spheres.

EPS Foam Packing Machine
EPS Foam Packing Machine
EPS Foam Packing Machine
EPS Foam Packing Machine

01Main Features

The molding machine has a variety of heating,cooling,filling,product demoulding and other processes to adapt the production of different EPS products.




The machine adopts PLC and touch screen and advanced moulding technique and can produce various shape of EPS products




The machine adopts pressurized filling, featuring high speed and full feeding. Totally 25 to 37 automatic filling guns can be installed;





PLC remote control system,External data memory card for production management,Parameters record printer,

10” high resolution touch screen 





The company’s machine is controlled by PLC full computer touch screen display,enabling the machine to mold,load,heat,vacuum cool,demould,and start the finished product to achieve fully automatic cycle operation.



01Product Features

The machine adopts digital coder to control mould opening and closing stroke, controlled by PLC and easy to adjust; Mould opening and closing is actuated by hydraulic system;




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