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EPS Semi Auto Silo

Due to fierce market competition, significant labor costs, falling EPS unit prices, and weak profits, along with the rise of electrical industry, the sensor is used to detect the material level. The PLC controls the automatic valve, and the automatic mode of the pre-expander to the silo and the silo to the equipment are realized by the screen display technology which is called manual production mode. The semi auto silo system not only saves labor, but also adjustable and controllable, and the labor intensity of the personnel is reduced.

EPS Semi Auto Silo
EPS Semi Auto Silo
EPS Semi Auto Silo


According to the material consumption, aging period and storage area, we calcu- late the reasonable silo quantity, assigned to the appropriate equipment, ensure the rational flow of silos.




Silo bag is made of high strength nylon material. The joints are stitched in hemming with multi-line sewing. It will prevent stratification of light and heavy materials, and it also ensures the firmness of silos and longer service life.




Feeding pipes will be Æ200 galvanized spiral tubes, pneumatic valve specially designed, ensure the material moving without any obstructs.




Transmission pipes should be 1.6m above the ground, for easy cleaning and maintenance, all pneumatic valves should be fixed on shelves.





  • Control box should be located at a safe distance, independent layout, and easy operation.
  • All the lines in the access silo area are DC24V. All the lines adopt PU sheath.
  • The material level sensor has a fixed bracket and is firmly installed. The connection adopts a PU tube sheath. All wire troughs and silo brackets are short-circuited for grounding protection.




  • There is one 10.1’ touch screen for shape molding machine integrate plate, the other 10.1 screen will be worked for block machine, which will be close to block machine control box, and one will be on pre-expander control box, the communication among screens will be built, all screens data is consent.




Delivery time:10~20 days after receipt of down payment.
Packaging: Wrapped by bubble plastic, outer package Wooden Box/Carton




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