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EPS shape moulding machine manufacturer

This machine applies PLC and touch screen,advanced moulding technique and can produce various shapes of EPS products.This machine can provide different kinds of foam articles with lower moisture content,high foaming speed and lower consumption of energy.There are four kinds of operating mode(automatic,semi-automatic,pause-startup and manual operation)with safeguard protective device to ensure safe operation.This machine has microcomputer control and touch screen display.It can function high efficiently under computer control and management with high automation.Simplicity of operation and easy to maintain,it can reduce the labor intensity.

EPS shape moulding machine manufacturer
EPS shape moulding machine manufacturer
EPS shape moulding machine manufacturer
EPS shape moulding machine manufacturer


Adopt Siemens Intelligent Control System And Humanized Windows System Operation Interface To Make The Operation More Convenient And Intelligent;

The Imported Electric Proportional Valve Plus Linear Position Sensor And Pressure Sensor Are Used To Efficiently And Perfectly Cooperate With The Control System To Make The Feeding, Heating, Blowing, Water Cooling And Other Work More Accurate, Stable, Reliable And Efficient;

The Latest Production Molding Technology Makes It Convenient And Efficient Control Equipment To Effectively Improve Production Efficiency.


01 Mold Replacement System

Using The Guide Rail, Material Bumping And Quick-Change Frame And Other Mechanisms, After The Mold Is Assembled In The Assembly Area, The Quick-Change Frame Is Placed On The Guide Rail To Run To The Machine Position And Converted To The Machine Guide Rail Positioning, The Mold Is Positioned By The Positioning Mechanism, At This Time Manual Locking (Automatic Models Do Not Require Manual Participation), At The Same Time Complete The Docking Of The Material Pipe, Etc., Convert The Internal Time Of The Previous Mold Change To The External Time, Greatly Reduce The Downtime Of The Mold Change, And Truly Realize Smcd (Qcot) ,Improve Equipment Utilization Rate, Greatly Improve The Working Environment Of Mold Installers, Improve Work Efficiency, Save Labor Costs, Simple Maintenance, Improve Worker Safety, Meet The Modern Industry’S HE&S Requirements, Mold Change Time Is About 20-30 Minutes.



01Hydraulic System

Adopt Famous Brand Hydraulic Components, Differential Pressure System Design, Can Achieve High Speed, Low Noise Operation, The Fastest Mold Opening And Closing Speed Can Reach 350mm/Sec, Can Achieve High Speed And Efficient Stable Operation;



Two-Point Mold Opening And Closing, The Latest Mold Clamping Technology And Mechanism, Can Stabilize The Mold Clamping Pressure, The Equipment Is Not Easy To Leak During Production, And Effectively Improve The Energy Consumption (Steam) Utilization Rate.

01Pipeline System

The Inlet, Outlet And Diameter Of The Valve Of Each Pipeline System Are Optimized, So As To Minimize The Waste Of Energy Consumption And Increase The Reaction Speed;



The Design Of Cooling Pipe Makes The Water Cooling Fast And Efficient. The Mold Cavity Copper Tube Ring Design Makes The Product Contact Surface More Extensive, The Cooling Is More Sufficient, And The Product Surface Is Smoother And Smoother.

02Application Case

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