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Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos

The semi-automatic curing silo is still cumbersome when manual switching, and the lack of material can’t be adjusted automatically in time when the equipment is produced. Therefore, a fully automatic centralized feeding system equipment is produced, which makes the silo area unattended production mode and guarantees the raw material curing time. First, first use advanced management production mode, making production controllable, safe and reliable.

Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos
Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos
Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos
Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos
Fire Proof EPS Bag Silos


Should be feed boxes for shape molding machine silos, box body with material blocks filtering and cleaning functions,prevent the blocks get into shape molding machine, filter with 12*12 SS mesh.




Foaming agent (pentane) has bigger density than air, it will be easy to deposit at the bottom of silo, not easily emitted.

There should be no underground drain at the area understand silo bottom.




All electric wires should be protected by sleeves, and lights and switches should be explosion-proof type. Good ventilation.




If there any exhaust blower, the motor of blower should be explosion-proof type. It is recommended to install two pentane detectors at the bottom of silo respectively.





  • Touch Screen Functions:

    ● Expansion density set

    ● Status of each eps silo

    ● Warning for full

    ● Warning for empty

    ● Aging time display for each



  • EPS Bag Silo Working Process

    ● Actual material level is lower than lower sensor

    ● Send sound-light alarming

    ● Operator shifts silos

    ● Press the confirming button

    ● Process ending




Delivery time:10~20 days after receipt of down payment.
Packaging: Wrapped by bubble plastic, outer package Wooden Box/Carton




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