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Fully Auto Steel Mesh Panel Machine

The fully auto steel mesh panel machine consists of 3D panel master welding machine, steel flat net automatic production line and subsidiary equipment that are used to produce 3D boards. The 3D board produced is mainly used in living room space and public space. It is a kind of natural material, free and convenient, convenient and fast.

Fully Auto Steel Mesh Panel Machine
Fully Auto Steel Mesh Panel Machine
Fully Auto Steel Mesh Panel Machine


The steel mash panel machine equipment components all adopt the famous manufacturers’ products to ensure the stability. Equipped with the framewor of independent innovation technology, product precision of this equipment is higher than that of other company production.




Equipment is pure mechanical, commissioning maintenance is convenient. Steel straightening, cutting, welding synchronism finish, high production efficiency, mesh size stability.




Subsidiary Equipment

  • Repair Welding M/C
  • Straightening and Rewinding M/C





  • The machine is hydraulically adjusted to easily adjust the size.
  • Adopting frame advancement, the precision and production efficiency of the plate is obviously better than those of similar chain drive equipment.
  • The use of automatic plate ejection device reduces the workload of personnel.



horizontal wire of the steel mash panel machine is straightened, the wire feeding, the cutting and the welding are completed synchronously. It is not necessary to equip the equipment and personnel to complete the above actions, which greatly improves the production efficiency and automation of the equipment, and reduces the use cost and space of the equipment.



shear of the mesh is cut with double edged scissors. Eliminating the trouble of the subsequent manual repruning caused by the use of single-edged scissors, the utility of the device is further improved and the use cost of the device is further reduced.




Delivery time:10~20 days after receipt of down payment.
Packaging: Wrapped by bubble plastic, outer package Wooden Box/Carton




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