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Safety Instructions for Shape Moulding Machine

  1. Before starting the machine daily, you must check whether the stroke switch that controls the mold opening and closing is operating normally.
  2. Check that the power supply voltage must not exceed 10% of the rated value, and must not fall below 85% of the rated value.
  3. When repairing the machine, you must turn off the power and air supply, and hang out signs such as “Do not operate if someone is servicing.”

  1. The safety door needs to be closed when the machine is working. Do not manually bind the travel switch that detects the position of the safety door.
  2. Always check the air pressure, water pressure, steam pressure and oil pressure during work.
  3. Regularly check whether the lubricating oil in the oil mister is enough, and remove the water in the oil-water separator in time to prevent the damage of the pneumatic components.
  4. The EPS foam plastic beads used must be pure, and make sure no metal, cotton and other sundries inside.
  5. During the work of the machine, the staff must not put their heads, hands and other parts into the machine to avoid injury.
  6. In the event of a personal accident or equipment failure, press the “Emergency Stop” button to prevent the situation from expanding and find out the cause before restarting work.
  7. Keep the safety channels around the operation clear to ensure emergency escape requirements.
  8. The safety protection device on the equipment is not allowed to move at random, and it is not allowed to modify or intentionally make it ineffective.
  9. Electrics should be operated by professionals. No one can press the handles and buttons without permission.
  10. After the machine finishes its work, the main power should be cut off and all valves closed.

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