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Phenolic Solid Anti Fire EPS Block Molding Machine

The phenolic insulation board is a new type of green environmental protection material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam made of phenolic resin with flame retardant and other additives. Its long-term use temperature is -250 ° C ~ 150 ° C, does not burn in case of fire. The thermal conductivity of the phenolic insulation board is only about 0.024W/m.k, which is almost equivalent to polyurethane, and the insulation performance is very good. The Phenolic Solid Anti Fire Foam Block Molding Machine is used to produce this product. It adopts special aluminum alloy plate, which has high thermal conductivity, good compressive strength and no deformation.

Phenolic Solid Anti Fire EPS Block Molding Machine
Phenolic Solid Anti Fire EPS Block Molding Machine


  • The block machine’s screw cylinder is controlled by coder
  • Users only need to set on touch screen
  • The machine can adjust the block size automatically both on the width and length with less edges.




  • One side opening door
  • Ensuring the steam and vacuum tightness 100 % during the process.
  • Reducing the steam costs





  • Pressure control is applied at steam inlet
  • Control thesteam metering precise
  • Significantly reducesteam consumption and save costs




  • The polystyrene automatic molding machine features compact dimensions and structure, streamlined and reasonable pipeline layout
  • Saving factory space to the greater extent
  • More machines can be placed in a limited space to increase production





  • The filling level is controlled by level sensors automatically
  • When there is no sufficient material available in the silo the unit stops the machine
  • So that the styrofoam block machine always runs at high efficiency




  • There is a slide under the silo
  • Allows the raw material to be taken back to the silos
  • Maximize raw material utilization




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