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Styrofoam Molding Machine

The design of cooling water pipe makes the water cooling fast and efficient; the design of mould cavity copper pipe ring makes the product contact surface wider,the cooling more sufficient and the product surface more flat and smooth.

Styrofoam Molding Machine
Styrofoam Molding Machine
Styrofoam Molding Machine
Styrofoam Molding Machine

01Main Features

The molding machine has a variety of heating,cooling,filling,product demoulding and other processes to adapt the production of different EPS products.




Adopt proportional regulating valve for pressurized filling system assure even density disribution of finished products




 The foaming machine has a complete faultself-diagnosis and motor protection system to ensure the safe operation and protection of the equipment.





PLC remote control system,External data memory card for production management,Parameters record printer,

10” high resolution touch screen 





The company’s machine is controlled by PLC full computer touch screen display,enabling the machine to mold,load,heat,vacuum cool,demould,and start the finished product to achieve fully automatic cycle operation.



01Product Features

Constant water pressure control by electro-magnetic water lever sensor 




 Our factory is located in the Xindeng, Hangzhou.




Styrofoam Machine’s Anti-rust Processing




We focused on top quality shape molding machine and other foam equipment for over 20 years in China.


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