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Vacuum Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine

The Vacuum Cooling Foam Block Molding Machine applies spraying system of special hoses, instead of traditional copper for steam, and enables easy and fast maintenance of sprinkler volume, lowers cooling water consumption. The machine is equipped with movable template that can be lifted, inching control with touch screen, so that lifting size can be adjusted arbitrarily, accurate and stable for the production of foam plates of different heights.

Vacuum Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine
Vacuum Cooling EPS Block Molding Machine


Ⅰ. Use special aluminum alloy plate with high heat conduction efficiency and high compressive strength so that the machine won’t becomedeformed.

Ⅱ. High-quality section steel welding, high strength without deformation, can withstand high density plate expansion force and steam pressure.




Ⅲ. Appropriate temperature and humidity level is maintained to ensure the longer possible lifespan for each mold.




Ⅰ. Adopts new type dry vacuum system without condenser, which has closedcircuit cooling system and is equipped with 2 heat exchanger unit, to achieve high-efficient, dry production and lower internal tensioned blocks.




Ⅱ. Built-in steam chamber is thermally insulated and can reduce steam loss and need lower power consumption compared to general molding machine.

Ⅲ. Water loss and the need for cooling towers are not needed. The system will be designed according to block mold machine.





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