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Application and maintenance of small EPS foam machinery


Foaming equipment is a foaming equipment made by adding a certain concentration of aqueous solution to the foaming agent. The foaming agent itself cannot automatically turn into bubbles. It must pass through the mechanical function of the foaming machine to turn into bubbles. Foaming machine and foaming agent are synergistic technical systems and cannot work alone. Small EPS foam machinery itself cannot be without bubbles. It evenly disperses air into the aqueous solution of the foaming agent to make the contact surface of the liquefied gas as large as possible, so that the surfactant in the foaming agent forms an electric double layer on the liquid film surface and surrounds the liquid film surface. Bubbles form in the air. According to foam machinery manufacturers, the main body of foamed concrete is foam, so the foaming machine has become the key equipment and host for the production of foamed concrete. Without it, there would be no foam concrete. The raw solutions of components A and B are delivered to the mixing head by two high-precision metering pumps through proportioning and high-speed stirring respectively. After strong mixing at high speed, the raw liquid is evenly sprayed to form the desired product.

Small EPS foam machinery is a kind of equipment used in the chemical industry such as foam and sponge processing. Currently, lasers are mainly used for cutting. Due to the fine cutting of the laser beam, it is not easily deformed, the cutting is smooth, and the edges are not blurry, so it is currently widely used in various fields. Of course, in the process of using a foam cutting machine, breakdowns will inevitably occur and require maintenance. Let the foam machinery manufacturer talk about the precautions during maintenance. Repairs or replacement parts should only be made by those who know how to use this operation! To prevent accidents or machine damage, the following principles must be followed during inspections:

1. When a fault occurs, please disconnect the power supply and stop;

2. When the machine cannot be used normally, please refer to the instruction manual and instruction manual to take correct measures. The power must be turned off before inspecting or replacing parts.

3. Parts removed during inspection should be replaced with identical new parts at the same location. The instruments used in the inspection must be calibrated.

4. It is prohibited to place flammable or metal objects in electrical cabinets or junction boxes.

5. Regularly check cables and wires for damage to prevent leakage or electric shock.

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